About Us

My name is Emma Keys, I have been working in the service and hospitality industry for around 9 years. My maiden name is Turner (hence the clever company name!)

I started Key Turner Management as a way to help my existing clients when I was a self employed housekeeping manager, as they couldn't find a company to help them run their holiday properties and bookings to the standard they required. Over the years this has expanded and we now have Key Turner Management for owner services and Key Turner Direct Bookings for guests, these two combine to make your break away more than just your average self catering holiday.


We are a family run company with my husband (Jon) Mum (Shirley) and step dad (Nick) all working with the team. Our passion is doing things to a high standard and really helping our guests feel extra special, from the moment of enquiry to leaving the property at the end of their holiday.


If you are a home owner looking for our services head over to www.keyturnermanagement.co.uk.


If you are a future guest looking for a self catering break get in touch using any of the options below


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